Welcome to The Cornhole

Welcome!  Here you will find resources on cornhole decals and wraps, where to get them, and how to apply/care for them so they will last a long time. You’ll also find recipes for your next tailgate party, recommendations and reviews of cornhole boards and accessories, and of course funny cornhole memes and stories from us and the community.

We originally created this website to help others find and install decals on their cornhole boards. Simple beginnings that expanded into comprehensive coverage of all things cornhole.  If it has anything to do with cornhole, we hope you’ll find it here.  If you didn’t find it, let us know and we’ll do our best to track it down.

Looking for the best Cornhole Bags?

Never heard of cornhole…seriously?

OK, I think we can look past the fact that you have obviously been living under a rock for some time.  We are always happy to introduce newcomers to the game of cornhole.

Here is a quick summery of the game of cornhole….

Cornhole (aka bean bag toss, bags, baggo, dadhole, sack toss) is a game in which 2 or 4 players take turns throwing bags of corn (sometimes plastic pellets) at wood platform with a hole in it, and slight raised at the end with the hole.  Toss a bag into the hole you get 3 points.  Toss a bag on the board and you get 1 point.  Toss a bag in the dirt and you get laughed at…I mean, 0 points.  Players go back and forth tossing bags until a player or team hits the magic score of 21.  For more detailed instructions check out How to Play.

 If you are new to cornhole, these sets give you the best value and include everything you need to get started.