Hello there my fellow Cornhole Fans! 

We are huge fans of the game and have been playing for many years.  Any time more than a few of us get together… if it ain’t raining here at the coast… it is a good bet that someone will start talking about dragging out the boards and bags for a couple of games!

In the beginning…

We started out playing cornhole using boards hand crafted from the “finest” left over plywood and 2×4’s from a recent remodel.  Well, they got the job done and we had a lot of fun with them.

After a while though, our old and very plain wooden boards were looking pretty bad.  They were structurally sound, they just did not look pretty at all after so many years of heavy use.

Coveting the board of another…

At a local cornhole tournament, we saw some amazing cornhole boards with football team colors and logos.  Some of the boards were hand painted, and other has vinyl decal wraps.  The hand painted ones looked alright, but the decal wraps were seriously professional looking.  Needless to say, they were a big hit a the tournament.  So much in fact, they we went out and bought a set for our old boards.

From those humble beginnings…

I created this website to help others find and install decals on their cornhole boards.   Simple beginnings that expanded into comprehensive coverage of all things cornhole.

Here you will find details on cornhole decals and wraps, where to get them, and how to apply/care for them so they will last a long time.  You’ll also find recipes for your next tailgate party, recommendations and reviews of cornhole accessories, and of course funny cornhole memes and stories from us and the community.

We also hope that the community will contribute through comments and recommendations.  We’ll also do our best to share tournaments and cornhole meetups!

Whether you call the game Cornhole, Corn Toss, Baggo, Bag Toss or Dadhole you are welcome here!
Enjoy your visit.  We appreciate your feedback!