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Cornhole Lingo – The Language of the Game

Don’t be “that guy/gal” that shows up to play cornhole and then doesn’t know how to speak the language of the game.  Use the following Cornhole Lingo guide to build up your Cornhole vocabulary.  There will be a test!

Ace / Cow Pie – Bag on the board for 1 point.

Cornhole or Drain “O” – Bag going through the cornhole, scoring 3 points.

Backstop – This is when a bag sticks just behind the hole creating a “backstop” for the other bags to knock into without going off the board. Usually, this backstop is used to drop some cornholes!

Blocker – Bag in a positioned on the board that is in front of the cornhole. This makes it very difficult for the opponent to toss corn hole. Heck, in reality a blocker makes is harder for everyone to get a corn hole.

Back Door  / Dirty Rollup – This is when a cornhole is scored by sneaking a bag over a blocker. (Is it legal for us to have back door and corn hole in the same sentence?)

Dirty Bag – No, this is not referring to an filth covered homeless lady (that would be a Dirty Bag Lady…big difference) This is when a bag touches the ground before the board. These tosses don’t count and must be immediately removed from the board before any play continues. Trust me, you want to forget about that toss as quickly as possible, so remove it from the board and let us never talk of it again.

Gusher / Double Deuce / “Holy crap I can’t believe I just dropped all four bags!” – All four of a players bags are corn holes in a single inning. And yes, it counts if your opponents pushes your bag into the hole. (I doesn’t feel as good…but it still counts).  This is a big deal for us and we tend to date and sign the board any time it happens (It doesn’t happen very often).

Hanger – Bag that is just hanging on the edge of the cornhole waiting to drop in. In some cases, a fly could land on the board and the bag would drop. Other times, you couldn’t kick the bag into the hole.

Jumper / Roller – This one tends to depend on how you throw. Arching tosses tend to strike a bag on the board and then jump into the hole. A low and fast approach causes the bag to tumble and roll over the other bags on the board.

Hooker / Curve Ball – Bag hitting the board and hooking or curving around a blocker coming to rest in the cornhole for 3 points.

Slider – Bag that lands at the front of the board and slides all the way up into the cornhole.

Sally / Corn Patty – Toss that is so weak that the bag doesn’t even reach the board. In our family we tend to call this toss, “The Mom”.

Honors – The player or team who scored last and now tosses first in the next inning.

Police / Referee – This guys always seems to be self-appointed and not very well liked.

Shucker – When a player tosses a bag and it strikes an opposing players bag knocking it off the board.

Skunk – The dreaded, most feared word in cornhole. This is when a game reaches a score of 11-0 and ends. This especially sucks when it took forever to get your turn to play, and just like that you are done…you do NOT want it to end that quickly.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this list of cornhole lingo and use it during your next game. Did I miss any terms or phrases you like to use? If so, drop us a comment letting us know what we missed or any other questions.

OK, now go get out there and play some Cornhole!

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