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We crafted our first boards using left over wood from a remodeling project. After many, many enjoyable games of cornhole, they started looking old and tired.  So, we searched online and found some amazing custom designs, vinyl decals and complete board wraps. We enjoyed the experience and the creative process so much that we started this website!

We purchased the domain www.boarddecals.com to highlight all the cool stuff available to “pimp” your boards.  And that is how the “hole” thing started.  From those humble beginnings we expanded our scope and now try to cover everything there is to cover when it comes to cornhole!

If you don’t see what you are looking for, drop us a line or search the site for reviews on board wraps and decals.

Board Wraps

Also called “skins” these vinyl decals cover the entire surface of the board.  They are easy to apply to a clean surface and at most require a razor blade to trim off and excess vinyl around the edges.  Board wraps not only beautify your boards, but they add lasing protection to the wood.

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Decals are great for adding a little or a lot of color and design to your boards.  This is the ultimate way to get creative with yours boards as you can mix and match to create the look you want.

Cornhole board decals require no glue and offer UV protection.  Look for post on applying decals to get the best, long lasting finish.

Cornhole Board Decals – Create the most talked about cornhole boards!