Cornhole Boards

Per ACO regulation, cornhole boards are 2’ x 4′ with a 6” hole centered 9” from the top of the boards and 12” from each side.  When setup for play, the back of the boards measure 1′ from the ground (the front of the board rests on the ground and is just about 4” high).

Wood cornhole boards

There is a wide variety of boards styles out there to choose from.  If your are the DIY type, head over to YouTube or Instructables for some of the directions we’ve found to be very helpful in making your own boards.

If on the other hand you want to play sooner than later, and with fewer splinters, then we recommended you checkout out some of the ready to go boards shown below.  Also, some of these boards have the added bonus of coming with cornhole bags or carry case!  If they don’t include bags, you better go get some cornhole bags so you don’t look foolish throwing rolled up socks at your boards!

Unfinished / Finished

Cornhole boards come either unfinished (bare wood) and finished (stained, painted, silk screened or wrapped).  Unless you are planning on doing a custom paint job or applying your own board wraps, I recommend getting finished boards.  There is a huge assortment of ready to play boards out there with quality silk screening or vinyl wraps.  If you can’t find what you are looking for, then building and finishing them yourself is the way to go.

Here are some that are available through Amazon.  If you are an Amazon Prime member, this is going to be the most affordable route.  Click on one of the boards below, and browse through the selection.  As an aside, there are a lot of really good cornhole manufacturers out there that sell directly.  But from my experience, most all of them sell through Amazon, usually at a discount and with free shipping.

Here is a great example of a cornhole set that comes with what I would call a semi-finish.  The wood has a varnish applied, making it ready to play.  However, the finish is ready to take paint or your custom wrap or decals.  If you are just getting into cornhole, or getting this for a gift for someone, it’s got a great price an includes everything needed to start playing.

GoSports Unfinished Cornhole Board Set

GoSports Cornhole Set


A company called Cornhole Ace makes a REALLY nice unfinished cornhole board that boast solid construction and no bounce!  These boards are truly unfinished raw wood that ha been sanded and is ready for your stain, paint, decals or board wrap.   These board are one of the heaviest boards around (that is a good thing, unless you need to carry them more than 100ft).  If you want to create quality custom cornhole boards, this is the best place you could start.

Cornhole Ace Unfinished Cornhole Boards

CornholeAce Unfinished Cornhole Boards

Those are just a couple of our favorite options for unfinished / semi-finished cornhole boards.  There are a bunch of other options on Amazon, many with great reviews.  Just make sure you read the fine print if you want an unfinished board as many of them do some with some kind of varnish applied.

Silk Screen / Wrapped Boards

Silk screened cornhole boards are wood cornhole boards with paint applied using a silk screen process (similar to how your favorite AC/DC t-shirt was printed) to the play surface of the board.  There are many options available on Amazon (again, if you have an Amazon Prime membership, this is probably going to be the cheapest and fastest route).

These boards allow you to show off your personality, your favorite team, your love of the U.S.A. or hell, even your favorite beer! The vinyl wraps last for a long time and are water and UV resistant.

Here are some examples from Amazon.  Click on any of the boards below to see the full offering through Amazon.

Cornhole Boards

If you already have have boards, why not give them new life by adding some cornhole board decal wraps!  These decal wraps are super easy to apply: 1.) Clean & wipe cornhole board. 2.) Peel the decal wrap. 3.)Start with laying the vinyl sticker at the edge of the board while slowly using a flat surface to smooth out the decal.  Boom!  You got yourself some sweet looking cornhole boards!  

One thing I really like about these wraps is that if you get tired of the design after a year or two, they are easy to remove.  This US flag with the eagle decal wrap is one of my personal favorites.

Cornhole Board Wrap American Eagle


Cornhole Board Decals and Wraps


Well, I hope this was someone helpful in educating you on the different options available when it comes to cornhole board options.  If you are adventurous and have a design in mind, take on the challenge of painting your own boards.  We have a post that provides some tips for getting a great painted finish.  Check it out here -> How to Paint Your Cornhole Boards

Have fun out there!

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