Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean the fun has stop.  Crack open another beer and flip the power switch on your cornhole lights.  These lights add a “hole” new dimension to the game of cornhole.  Keep the party going with cornhole lights!

Hole Lights

These cornhole hole lights will keep you playing all night long.  They are LED’s so they can run for hours and hours on a couple of AA batteries.  Playing in the dark, with only the hole illuminated makes for a lot of fun.

Board Lights

Is lighting up the hole just isnt’t enough for you?  And why should it be especially if you have kick butt board wraps or custom art that you want to be showing off!  These lights also make it a little easier the see the board which is nice for us less skilled players.


Keeping score and holding your beer is a lot of work!  Check out the following cornhole accessories that make your life easier and let you focus on getting your first Double Deuce!

Score Keeping

We especially like the score keeping until that also holds our drinks.  Give us an excuse (like we need one) to grab a drink every time points are scored.

Drink Holders

Some of us can count, toss bags and drink.  For those of us that can only do two of those things at a time, we need a drink holder.  Check out the following holders for all of your frosty beverage holding needs.

Bag For Your Bags and Board

Give your boards and bags extended life with covers and carrying cases.   These cases are great for protecting your back (boards are heavy and awkward to carry) and the inside of your car.  The perfect storage solution as they will be ready to go at a moments notice.

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